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there’s something powerful that happens when you choose yourself. 

design your world. 
join the legacy.



At Inner Circle Co we believe:

There’s something powerful that happens when you choose yourself. We at Inner Circle Co.™ want to encourage you to be ambitious. To share your story. To speak your truth.


We thoughtfully create products that people like you - like us - can wear, display, and gift. We’re creating a legacy of women ready to walk alongside you as you learn to be selfish with your energy, be kind - especially to yourself, and push forward with the never ending pursuit of growth.

So, here we are - Welcome to our Inner Circle.  



At Inner Circle Co. the products we create and the partnerships we support are all designed to have a positive impact on our communities and world. 

We have selected 3 efforts to focus our efforts toward: women’s empowerment, animal rescue, and LGBTQ+. When you purchase a product, not only will you be joining the Inner Circle  - you will also have the opportunity to choose which effort you'd like a portion of your payment to go to.  Together, we can create a future of empowerment and inclusivity for all. Inner Circle Co. will donate a portion of all profits to champion organizations aligned with the 3 efforts to support our world to become a better place.

To produce the products you love to wear, use, and gift, we partner with local businesses. We only buy products that are produced in ethical and sustainable manners. We love supporting local businesses & entrepreneurs (particular those female AF). So, yeah, we try to buy local on everything that is feasible.

Lastly, we want to have an impact on YOU. You’re part of the Inner Circle now. Get excited. We have more coming your way to impact your life, explore your communities, connect with women who know what they want - are designing their lives - bringing others up with them - and choosing themselves first.

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Inner Circle Co. started when…


…we began to ask ourselves what it really meant to be happy.

The both of us have had our share of others telling us what to do, what to wear, how to think, how to act, and how to define success - you get it. We came together and decided we've had enough of that. The people who remind us of our strengths and believe in us when we have forgotten to love ourselves - that's the Inner Circle. You can count on your Inner Circle to say, "Yes you can" when all you tell yourself is, "no I can't."

We wouldn't be where we are today without our circles. That's where Inner Circle Co. comes in. There is nothing better than to be surrounded by inspiring people who inspire you to stop saying “some day.” An Inner Circle friend ended a breakfast with us saying, “we can do this together!” - Hear her roar.