A reintroduction: Hi, I’m Kari. Welcome to Inner Circle.

Here’s the thing. I want a redo. Because let’s be honest you can speak to SOME by diving in and sharing the details, or you can speak to none by being vague. My first post was me being afraid to speak honestly.

Well. I’m back to try again.  

Inner circle isn’t about failures. We are about rising up and trying again.  So I’m going to write my second post. The one Ciara doesn’t know I’m posting (hi Ciara! I’m posting! 🤗). 


Hi friends. Let’s chat. 

In case you don’t know me, I’m going to introduce myself. My name is Kari 

(and it’s not pronounced “Carrie”). My hometown is Lincoln, Nebraska. I went to Drake and that’s how I ended up calling Des Moines home. 

My favorite emoji to use is 💜(you’ll know that’s me. Ciara uses black). I love listening to podcasts (constantly), being with my dog Phil and husband Andrew, and traveling. 

But mostly I’m all about vulnerability, honesty, and messing up. I’m not perfect but I can’t wait to share what I’m learning in the process of becoming better.

This blog (I hope) will serve as a place to talk and share about the things we are learning.

Let’s talk why Inner Circle

Well... if I’m honest.. 

Because Ciara asked me to. 

Seriously. She’s that friend that I know when she tells me I can do something like start a company I know that I can. 

That’s why I said yes when she brought the idea to me. 


Just Kari holding up a truth card reminding herself of her abilities, even when imposter syndrome threatens to take over. 

Since then it’s growing into so much more. I’m freaked out. The idea of putting myself out there is scary. (Except I am already doing it in other ways... like did you know I have a podcast? “Friends in Pursuit Podcast”)

But I’ve struggled to figure out my why because Ciara when i are so different in many ways but so similar in others. What makes this important to me? Well, I think I’ve got some of it in words and I wanted to share with you all. My inner circle. 

Ciara and I met 5 years ago working together as job developers at a nonprofit called Candeo. I was completely new to the role and Ciara helped train me. 

In a way that only Ciara can, we were all around the city meeting new people. From the individuals we worked with to help find their passion, to businesses across Des Moines, she’s always had the ability to see the best in others and draw it out. Ciara helped me to become curious about the city of Des Moines. 

She might admit that she thought I was maybe “too nice” for the job. She learned quickly that I work hard.

We worked together in a way that I’ve had with very few others. It’s like our her networking skills combined with my strategic thinking skills complement to only lift the other’s natural abilities up. She has been a work and life cheerleader/friend/mentor - encouraging me to present at professional events, to travel, to take time off. 

When Ciara left Candeo, I knew we would find another way to work together at some point. That’s why in January I said yes to starting a company by focused only on the things we love to do. 

Inner Circle is just the best of our friendship.


Inner Circle is about sharing the goals we are working on, celebrating the ones we reach, and learning to have a little more kindness toward others but most importantly, ourselves. More to come on all those important topics 😉 

I describe my why now as that we started a company to make us happy, and to only put out messages that we believe in. 

I’m learning to become a stronger woman. I want to speak my values and that includes the way this whole process. From who we partner with, to the messages we put out. This process is teaching me so much and I’m sure I’ll share that in the future.

My inner circle has pushed me. You are the reason I’m here. Love to you, my friends


PS you should check us out Monday at 8om for a Facebook and insta live update! More to come!! ☺️🙌🏻