You CAN Be Happy Everyday

How many of you think this is true? 🙋🏼‍♀️ I know it and I’ve felt it. 

The days where you are in flow and things come naturally. When it’s easy to believe in your talents.

Then come some hard days, filled with emotions, or anxiety. Where things are totally going wrong. Or the days where you feel like an imposter. We all have them, they may just look different.

Inner Circle means that I get to share some of my vulnerability with you, because to be honest… being happy every. dang. day. can be really hard. 

I’m learning. I work every day to love myself, and to be kind to myself as I keep growing. I’m in a marriage, I’m working my full time job which is amazing (truly), and a side business. 

Sometimes, in order to find happy in every day I go to the small things. I recognize that being kind to myself is in each thought I think, or the small actions that make me happy. 

Here are the a couple of the ways I’ve been focusing daily on being kind to myself:

  • Stretching and moving my body (for me, it’s been yoga).

  • Write down 3 things I am grateful for, and saying I love you every day (to myself and others!)

What is one way that you can (and will!) show yourself a little love or kindness today?

Share with us below in comments 👇🏼

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A few other things that make me happy and help me:

(but reminder that anything that makes you happy or is deemed “self-care” should not require you to purchase anything. These are just things that work for me).

  • Calling a friend (or sending an insta story)

  • Sitting on my deck for 5 min

  • Putting frozen berries on an ice cream sandwich

  • Taking a few deep breaths

  • Remembering sunscreen and bugspray (seriously. I’m not sunburnt OR itchy)

  • Therapy

  • Reminding myself that I can achieve my dreams

  • Kissing my husband

  • Listening to music and dancing

  • Wearing an Inner Circle shirt that says my values

  • Iced coffee

  • Smelling a flower in my backyard or taking a picture of it